QCS Homecoming promo graphic with Glight holding belt and Trolli gummy worms

Trolli bonuses, gummy worms up for grabs at January QCS

The run-down

The Queen City Streams crew is at it again with QCS: Homecoming on January 7th in Hazard, Kentucky.

This QCS event has all the bells and whistles you would see at a normal QCS event plus more!

Stiff Smash competition at this QCS

Some of the best Smash competitors in Kentucky have pre-registered for this QCS and more are sure to follow.

Jin, Wildz, Vult, and Glight have signed up with more than a week of registration left. This QCS is a nice little opportunity for players to make a splash in 2023’s first-quarter rankings. Make sure to pre-register at start.gg/qcs.

QCS pre-registration moved to start.gg

You spoke; QCS listened.

League Trolli is possible by the folks at Trolli and Logitech. Their league platform is on Challonge, so brackets are completed there for competitors’ eligibility for the generous bonuses they provide. Most competitors are more comfortable registering and paying on start.gg, so we will be using that for registration purposes. We submit the Challonge brackets to Trolli for verification.

You MUST have a registered Challonge account to be eligible for Trolli bonuses. If you do not have a Challonge account, go ahead and make one so we can connect it on the day of the event.

Updated points system for Appalachian FGC belt

The Appalachian Fighting Game Championship will be up for grabs at January’s QCS: Homecoming. This marks the third time the championship belt will be on the line. The current champion, Glight, will be in attendance defending the belt.

The championship goes home with the competitor who earns the most points during the event’s three FGC tournaments: Guilty Gear Strive, Tekken 7 and Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid.

The points system for the championship belt goes as follows:

  • 4 points for each tournament entered
  • 1 point for each set won
  • 1 bonus point for making grand on the winner’s side
  • 5 points for 1st place
  • 3 points for 2nd place
  • 2 points for 3rd place
  • 1 point for 4th place

Free Gummy Worms!

Trolli is providing us with a ton of products and we are passing those along to you guys.

Supply is (somewhat) limited, but every entrant will get a pack of Trolli gummy worms until we run out.

QCS wrap-up

You can save $5 by pre-registering at start.gg/qcs.

To stay on top of every QCS event, join our Discord.

Queen City Streams is back to hosting monthly events and each event will feature pot bonuses, Twitch streams on Queen City Streams and Raiser606, concessions, and a spacious venue. The new-and-improved format comes with a pricing change. The venue fee for players who pre-register is $10. Discounts of $5 are available for players bringing complete setups or out-of-town carpools of three-or-more players. Venue fees for at-the-door registration are set at $15. Featured games (Smash Ultimate and Guilty Gear Strive) will cost $10 for entry, but all other games are $5. As always, you can spectate and play casually all day for $5.

Queen City Showdown takes place at Journey Christian Church on January 7th in Hazard, Kentucky. Doors open at 1 PM.