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Midsouth Outlaws leaves mark on Louisville

Kentucky's Leading Esports Gaming Community & Event Organizer

The Story, So Far... Founded in 2019 by Raiser, QCS is Kentucky's premier esports organization, hosting Super Smash Bros. tournaments & diverse gaming events. Expanding from Hazard to the World, we stream, commentate, and produce content for Twitch and YouTube, fostering a vibrant gaming community throughout the globe.

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QCS hosts the games you want to play. Whether you play fighting games on Playstation, esports titles on PC, or anything in-between, we have you covered.

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At QCS, we are here to fit your needs. If you need a professional broadcast with all the bells and whistles, we have you covered. Do you want to host a small online event that still looks like a big-budget production? We can do that too.

Mobile Setup Anywhere

QCS is prepared to hit the road. We are willing to take the crew anywhere in the United States to put on an event for you.

On-Demand Video

Relive your event on QCS’s YouTube channel. We edit and archive every broadcast so you don’t have to.

Graphics and Animation

Let QCS build your broadcast graphics package. We are behind the steering wheel of your broadcast, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have your brand represented on the stream. Our team of graphic designers will make sure the broadcast looks exactly like you want.

Photo Gallery: Midsouth Outlaws

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Midsouth Outlaws leaves mark on Louisville

Midsouth Outlaws, presented by QCS, concluded this weekend, leaving its mark on Louisville with record-breaking attendance and top-tier competition. With more than 300 registrants, it

Register now for Midsouth Outlaws in Louisville

Registration is now open for Midsouth Outlaws, proudly presented by QCS. QCS takes over Louisville for the first time on April 13th. Don’t wait to

QCS’s Judgment Day the first of many Nintendo-licensed events in Kentucky

February 10, 2024, will mark QCS’s return to Hazard, Kentucky for Judgment Day and looks to be the first Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament licensed