Midsouth Outlaws crowd competing and spectating

Midsouth Outlaws leaves mark on Louisville

Midsouth Outlaws, presented by QCS, concluded this weekend, leaving its mark on Louisville with record-breaking attendance and top-tier competition. With more than 300 registrants, it is the largest event ever hosted by QCS, bringing together a mix of world-class competitors and local gaming heroes.

World-class competition clears several events

The event featuring some of the biggest names in the esports world. ApolloKage triumphed in Smash Ultimate. Street Fighter 6 saw Dual Kevin rising above the competition to claim victory, while Morsecode762 took the top spot in Melee. Additionally, Romora locked up the win in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Local Heroes Shine at the Midsouth Outlaws

Midsouth Outlaws was not just about the big stars; local talent also had a significant impact. The event highlighted outstanding performances from local players such as Fat, who won Guilty Gear -Strive-. Other notable local winners included Krillinbchillin in Mortal Kombat 1, endroll in UNI2, Uhuefaef in Granblue, and Deznere in Ultra Street Fighter IV. These players not only won their respective games but brought many hype moments for the crowd. We had a great showing from nearby Tennessee, with Fusion delivering a dominant performance to win in Tekken 8, while Onionbubs took the top prize in Dragonball FighterZ.

Event Coverage and Acknowledgments

As the Midsouth Outlaws event moves into the post-event phase, the team is diligently working on getting VODs uploaded to our main YouTube channel and VOD archive.

TAKE A LOOK: Midsouth Outlaws Photo Gallery

Special thanks to Vess Media, who captured the event’s early moments on camera. Additionally, thank you to BestDad mods for their work on Gamecube controllers.


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